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Story of the Week

Lost History of Africa's Innovative Past & Its Place in the AI Revolution

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Have a peek at our recent article, download and share the infographic. It is the first depiction of how Africa was part of the industrial revolutions, along with paths we can take as the future unfolds.

"You cannot enslave a mind that knows itself, that values itself" - Zeinab Badawi" - Zeinab Badawi

"Focus not on what divides us but more on what unites us" - Teresa Clarke

"Contrary to recorded history, Africa was critical to the industrial revolution" - Alex Tsado

Latest News

Compete for $15,000 Prizes!
Alliance4ai has joined sponsors to work with Zindi in planning Africa's biggest hackathon. Join over 20 universities across 10 countries competing to win the incredible prizes on offer.

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Giving Africa a Voice on the Globe
Read, listen or watch Futureproofings incredible panel on the evolution of AI around the world, including our founder Alex Tsado's perspective on why Africa's adoption of AI is critical to the world

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Support #AfricaAIGoesToGeneva
We have partnered with AI Media Group to organize Africa's 1st ever presence in front of 1 billion global audience, at the AI4Good Summit. We need your support to join our party, and contribute $50-$2000 towards flying 10 top African AI researchers to show the world what we can do.

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Best 12 AI Platforms for Builders
View Timothy Kings list of best platforms in 2019 that do most of the work for you, to provide you an easier path towards designing AI models for your challenge.

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Simple Entry Point to Building AI
Are you familiar with raspberry pis and small computer platforms. And Want to code your own realtime object detection #Python app with #JetsonNano? Be sure to check out this hands-on tutorial.
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5 Reasons Why AI May Dazzle Only To Disappoint
Read Kellogg professor Sawhney describe five pathologies that prevent AI initiatives from delivering the desired business outcomes:

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