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Story of the Week

Taking Great Selfies in Africa

As Quartz and Forbes reported back in June 2019, Africa’s top handset maker Transsion won the hearts of its customers by listening carefully to them and building products they wanted. A key part of this customer appeal was the ability to take great photos.

At SmileIdentity we help enable this with AI. We have to make face recognition work no matter what environment they find themselves in, whether they are ordering a taxi at night in Lagos or applying for a loan from the back of a bumpy Matatu in Nairobi’s morning rush hour.

Latest News

Rome Call for Ethical AI
Leaders from Microsoft and IBM met senior church officials in Rome, and agreed to collaborate on "human-centered" ways of designing AI.

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UN Announces Alliance4ai Africa Pavilion
The UN has made our presence official! If you believe Africa needs a place at the global AI innovation table like the Pope recently said, share and donate any amount so we put our best foot forward. We received low response on this two weeks ago, we can only go as far as your donations.

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Africa Union Calls for Africa AI Forum
“The uptake of digital technologies will lead to improved competitiveness and provides fresh opportunities for inclusive growth. Millions of our continent’s young citizens are digital natives, and we must drive a skills revolution to enable Africa to take a quantum leap into the economy of the future."

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API For Smart Identity Card Recognition
At Smile Identity we are working hard to build the best KYC service in Africa. Unlike many KYC and identity validation services in Europe or the U.S., we go beyond comparing a face to an ID card or an ID card to a matching template.

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The Future of Drug Discovery and Medicine
"In terms of antibiotic discovery, this is absolutely a first," said Regina Barzilay, a senior researcher at MIT. "We wanted to develop a platform that would allow us to harness the power of artificial intelligence to usher in a new age of antibiotic drug discovery."
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Real Dangers for AI Startups
Top investor Andreessen-Horowitz shares very real concerns facing organizations looking to use AI. Please read, and ask us questions on how you can avoid some of these pitfalls

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