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Story of the Week

Senegal Help The UK build 10-min Covid-19 Test Kit

This is less of a story about Africans applying AI to solving problems, but still an incredible example of innovation coming from frontier innovators especially in Africa, providing affordable, accessible and effective solutions to global challenges.

Researchers in Senegal are leveraging a grant from the UK to develop an incredibly fast test kit for the Coronavirus. This kit will not need lab analysis and won't need electricity to run. Development is still on the way but the progress is promising. Stay healthy everyone!

Latest News

Live View of Covid-19 in Africa
Ghana's Darlington Akogo of Minohealth has built a dashboard to keep people informed on the spread and slowdown of Covid-19 in Africa. You can also sign up for their hackathon slated for March 21 to build solutions against the disease.

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AI and Data Science solutions against COVID-19
Alexandr Honchar summarizes global AI solutions to combat the global pandemic, from diagnostics, drug discovery and support chatbots to mass testing and wearables. Are you building something we should know about?

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Can AI Revolutionize African Call Centers?
There’s a long way to go before these intelligent machines become a contact center commonplace, but this article explores the many ways top CIOs in Africa are exploring the transformations AI can bring to their industries

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Getting Started with AI in Healthcare
Tony Paikeday, Director of AI Systems at NVIDIA, begins by describing the reality and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tony then discusses how healthcare organizations are leaning into AI and use cases within healthcare.

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Intel Using AI to Find New Customers
How does Intel, which expects the market opportunity for AI hardware to grow from $2.5 billion in 2017 to $10 billion in 2022, find new customer opportunities? With AI, of course., read to see how

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Framework by Large Tech to Scale DL
Google, DeepMind, Microsoft and Uber. Large scale training is one of the most challenging aspects of building deep learning solutions in the real world. Read to see what you can adopt from methods these companies employ

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