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Story of the Week

ICU Clinicians Turn to AI to Prioritize Patients

Researchers said they have developed a novel tool that uses artificial intelligence to help ICU physicians ascertain if a patient does not require intervention and intense monitoring — allowing them to focus instead on more critical or unstable patients.

“This [model helps] physicians understand what's going to happen hours before that something happens,” Gal Salomon, CLEW CEO and founder, told Healio Primary Care. “For the first time, ICU physicians can be proactive and improve the outcome of their patients.” – by Janel Miller

Latest News

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We Partnered With Zindi to Run Africa's Largest Hackathon
2500 students from 70 universities in 17 African countries gathered to hack out solutions with AI in the UmojaHack organized by Zindi. This event was sponsored by Microsoft, African Bank, Google Research, Liquid Telecom, Instadeep, the Field Institute and our group, Alliance4ai.

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Ghanaian Innovator Calls for Data Collector Volunteers
"Data Collectors Needed for AI4COVID-19 Africa Watch.

We are looking for more volunteers to serve as data collectors across the various regions of Africa so we can have more real-time data on Africa, as most dashboards don’t have that."

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5 Companies Using AI to Fight Coronavirus
Look into how Deargen, Insilico Medicine, SRI Biosciences, Iktos, Benevolent AI are using AI to attack the covid-19 from multiple angles. “We can substantially accelerate the drug development process using AI and make it much cheaper, faster, and more likely to succeed,”
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Over 250 Free NVIDIA AI Courses & Business Sessions as You Stay Home
Join over 30,000 people around the world to consume timely content from NVIDIA to empower your endeavors with AI. This is as a result of GTC going digital with the Covid-19 crisis.

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How Supercomputers Aid in Building Solutions for Coronavirus
The IEEE details how the world's most powerful supercomputers are increasing our chance of finding vaccines and solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic. Good news, you can access supercomputers more easily and cheaply on the cloud, so get your innovation hats on!

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Can AI Really Help Scientists Find a Vaccine?
AI is playing two important supporting roles in this quest: suggesting components of a vaccine by understanding viral protein structures, and helping medical researchers scour tens of thousands of relevant research papers at an unprecedented pace.

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