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Story of the Week

Reducing Time and Cost of Diagnosing the COVID-19

We continue to learn a lot from countries that were hit earlier by the COVID-19 crisis, and improve our processes to improve our chances of defeating the condition as humans. One such key learnings comes from China, where it was observed that patients wait 30 minutes to a couple hours to receive tests for the Virus. This increased the chances of them interacting with other people in the hospital and spreading the condition.

Startup Intervision noticed this and leveraged their expertise in medical imaging to build solutions to detect the condition in seconds, thereby saving time and cost for medical professionals, and reducing risk of spread. Their technology also helps doctors track the daily progress of recovering patients, while minimizing need for physical contact. Read to see how thousands of patients now benefit their solutions in China, Japan, Italy and explore how you might be able to leverage similar technology.

Latest News

Zindi Weekly Hackathons Against COVID-19
Zindi has launched six weekend hackathons focused on stemming the spread and havoc of coronavirus. Zindi’s CEO Celina Lee anticipates the startup’s COVID-19 related competitions can provide additional means for policy-makers to combat the spread of the virus.

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Alliance4ai Administers Startup Clinic for Facebook Startups in Lagos
We convened six AI experts from across the world to spend 60 minutes with 10 startups in the Lagos FbStart program to answer their burning questions on AI, and join our community of startups learning, innovating and growing together.

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Technical Articles


What Country Had the Best Response to the Coronavirus?
In this blog, CNN profiles Taiwan's response to the Coronavirus crisis, detailing steps that other countries may benefit from as they battle the crisis. Most interesting is their list of 124 key action items that they executed in the first 5 weeks to contain the spread.
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A Framework that Scrapes Web Videos to Train AI
Researchers at AI startup SenseTime, Amazon, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong say they built this framework to overcome the barriers between data formats like images, short videos, and long untrimmed videos to classify videos more accurately

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The Future of Video Streaming
Video traffic, especially with forced digital transformation during this COVID-19 crisis is driving data centers beyond the 10% global energy consumption mark, and operators seek ways to ease this expense on our planet. This might well be a key discovery for you, if you are a leader faced with this challenge.

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AI Knowledge Map
Chôra has created a visual tool for people to grasp at a glance the complexity and depth of this toolbox, and has laid down a map that could help people orientating in the AI jungle. The aim is not to accurately represent all the existing information on AI but rather to have a tool to describe and access part of that information set.

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