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How Did Africa AI Do in 2019? What Are Your Predictions for 2020?

Read this exciting coverage on how you, the many heroes and heroines transcended odds to drive the Africa AI flag forward. From the Instadeeps to Icog Labs and Zindi's, read on how your work might be uncovering the most important age of Africa's recent history, birthing a window of opportunity for Africans to rebuild, alleviate poverty and eliminate the potential of harm that could be inflicted on us by new technologies. Share with your friends, and let's do even more in 2020.

Latest News

Most Influential Young Africans
AI luminaries make Times list of most influential young people in Africa for 2019. Inspiring list to kick off this year and get more of you to drive change in your countries
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High Hopes for AI in 2020
Driven by Andrew Ng who's visiting his 101 year-old grand-dad, global leaders of AI around the world share their hopes for the most important advancements with AI in 2020
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AI Powers The Most Important Careers
LinkedIn's report shows a 74% jump each year in AI specialist hirings, on average, since 2015. How can we use this to tackle Africa's jobs problem?
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Top 10 Free Datasets!
From datasets for autonomous driving to speech applications and cancer diagnosis, free resources await you here to jumpstart your next important AI project without spending the sums otherwise needed to gather this information

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Top AI YouTube Channels
From channels summarizing top research into two minutes to those interviewing top AI personalities, leverage these incredible lists to stay ahead of the curve and remain a leader in the world of AI this 2020

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Great Intro To Language AI
Julien Simon explores word vectors, why they’re so important, and which are the most popular algorithms to compute them. You'll get to see how to solve typical NLP problems through several demos

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