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Top Use of AI in Africa This Cycle

AI Fights Banana Diseases

Cordana leaf spot. Fusarium wilt. Sigatoka leaf spot or yellow sigatoka leaf spot. An international team of researchers has developed artificial intelligence (AI) detection models to identify major diseases and pests in bananas. The models, which are now being built into and app, scan plants for signs of five major diseases and one common pest allowing smallholder farmers to not only detect problems but share findings on a wider scale to help prevent the spread of outbreaks.

Latest News

Make Money From your Data
Can you get paid when large companies use your data to make billions of dollars? A number of scholars here explore how much you might be able to ask for.
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Can Africa Become a Powerhouse Again?
So far, mobile technologies and services have generated 1.7 million direct jobs, contributed to $144 billion of economic value. What can AI and the AI do?
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Top AI Organizations in 2019
From the Americas to Asia, Europe and Africa, who do you think were the most influential organizations driving adoption of AI, does Alliance4ai make the list? :)
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Key Advances in NLP
Language translation is being improved significantly using a type of AI called NLP, making technology, education, conferences and other activities more accessible. Here's a history of how we got here

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Technology Integrations to Speedup AI For Customers
Are you aware of the integration of TensorRT and TensorFlow to speedup inference? If no, you are missing out on up to 3X savings in time, money and experience for your customers when you run AI in production
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Greatest Advances in AI in 2019
Computers learn to talk. The war between frameworks continues, with a major TensorFlow release and also big movements on the Pytorch arena. Other areas like Healthcare and Recommender Systems continue to see advances by using Deep Learning, but some of these advances are questioned

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