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Story of the Week

Real-time responses to your customers

Consumers increasingly spend most of their time on social platforms - interacting and engaging with each other and brands. However, the only mechanism brands had to reach their consumers was via sponsored/promoted posts, missing the true power of social media, which is its conversations.

Christopher is an artificial intelligence software that serves real-time brand responses to relevant conversations on social media as they take place, delivering mass personalization at scale to drive qualified engagements and impressions.

Latest News

Sign up: The future of African economies
Gear up for more history-making.

This Thursday, Africans will have their first panel at the global ITU AI for good summit, informing the world on why our solutions are crucial. Thanks to Nick Bradshaw, Celina Lee, Dr. Ama Wray and Alex Tsado for fighting for this opportunity.

Sign up.

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4 ways Africans can bridge the digital skills gap

On this, the world economic forum share their perspective on how African governments can transcend the digital divide. These range from the recognition of non-traditional certification programmes to Using the culture of storytelling to teach youth about the latest technologies

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Technical Articles

Issue 8 of Synapse Published
AI media group Cape town published its 8th issue of the Synapse e-Mag, packed with reporting on key AI events in Africa this quarter. Read to learn about key stories, from AIexpo conference going digital to 54gene making great progress towards solving key health challenges in Africa.

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The future of Physics
There has been a surge of publications on using machine learning (ML) on experimental data from physical systems: social, biological, statistical, and quantum. However, can these methods discover fundamentally new physics? It can be that their biggest impact is in better data preprocessing, while inferring new physics is unrealistic. Read to see more.

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Baidu's AI platform to power Quantum computing
Paddle Quantum consists of a set of quantum machine learning toolkits, including quantum development tools, a quantum chemistry library, and a set of optimization tools. It also supports three quantum applications: quantum machine learning, quantum chemical simulation, and quantum combinatorial optimization.

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What will you do with the world's most powerful cloud?
Microsoft has constructed a 285,000-processor supercomputer designed for machine learning applications as part of its Azure cloud infrastructure service. It should be one of the most powerful computers on the planet — and is the latest sign that supercomputing may slowly migrate to the cloud.

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