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Story of the Week

A useful open-source model of urban air quality for Africa

In just a few days, the Zindi community has built a model that can accurately predict air quality in cities and towns across Africa, filling in the blanks where there are no air quality sensors.

Zindi competitors embarked on tackling this problem because there is a direct statistical link between long-term air pollution and COVID-19 mortality. This new view they have built will assist public and private responders in making quick critical decisions that can save lives

Latest News

How promising are Senegalese COVID-19 solutions?
There have been many publications about Senegal building world-leading solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. It is thus surprising that there are few stories of such solutions or trials finding their ways to other African countries. Are you close to these stories, can you confirm they are real and promising?

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AI to restore legendary artworks
Works of Osamu Tezuka, one of the world's greatest illustrators and legendary comics, are being given a new life by AI researchers in Japan. Their results are inspiring, and helping them keep powerful depictions of their culture and history alive. One wonders how these AI methods may be applied to African works of past

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Technical Articles

COVID-19 hits more groups than others, Can AI help us deal with this?
Medical testing giant Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings and health information management company Ciox Health are working together to understand why that is the case.
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NLU tool to help you find research you need faster
Excited to learn the latest term in the AI evolution? According to Yann LeCun, the important point is that people are now building a new kind of software by assembling networks of parameterized functional blocks and by training them from examples using some form of gradient-based optimization.

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Packaged tools to make AI development easier
To achieve accurate AI for your application, you generally need a very large dataset especially if you create from scratch. This is expensive, time-consuming, and often requires domain expertise. Read, and see what tools can get you great savings on time and money

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Infrastructure for AI @ Scale
Deep neural network-based (DNN) recommendation systems are becoming incredibly important as data on the internet continues to explore. Here, Facebook shares an in-depth characterization and analysis for infrastructures used to deliver personalized results at scale

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