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Top Success Story This Cycle


Resolving Crop Pests and Diseases With AI

In Africa, crop pests and disease have been hampering agriculture productivity for decades. Africa farmers lose an estimated 49% of expected total crop yield per annum. Now with Agrix tech ai-powered solution, farmers in Senegal, Benin, Morocco and Cameroon can detect pests and diseases related to maize, rice, bell pepper, onions and other food crops.

Latest Stories

$100,000 Grant from UNICEF
UNICEF is looking for startups applying data science, machine learning, blockchain or VR to prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow. Find out more & apply:

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AI Generation: Learnings from Alliance4AI’s First 100 Startups in Africa
We published our first ecosystem report with a map plot of all startups we have interacted with so far, driving impact with AI in Africa.

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How to Choose Between Using Compute on The Cloud or Onprem
Choosing between an on-premises GPU system and the cloud is a bit like deciding between buying or renting a home.
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Four AI Organizations in Spotlight
From depression chatbots to diagnosing eye diseases, developers are coming up with incredible ways of teaching robots to transform the African industries they work in.

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Your Guide to AI
Read this guide from MIT Technology Review to decipher common AI terms and match problems with the appropriate solutions

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How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Logistics in Africa
Read how African startups are tackling age-old logistics challenges with new technologies, to dramatically improve outcomes for the value chain

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