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Top Success Story This Cycle


Giving Babies a New Chance at Life

Birth Asphyxia is one of the top 3 causes of infant mortality in the world, causing the death of about 1.2 million infants and severe life-long disabilities. With this solution, many babies can survive this top 3 killer condition. 10 seconds to diagnosis, 95% cheaper than conventional methods and a simple mobile phone can be used by anyone to detect the condition

Latest Stories

Facebook Accepting African AI Startups in London Program
Facebook is inviting applications for the third edition of its London accelerator program, which is open for the first time to startups from Africa.

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Will AI Replace or Augment Humans?
Do you believe there are jobs AI can completely replace humans at, or is the best application to make humans many times more productive?

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Do You Believe Unsupervised Learning is The Future of AI?
At 6 months, a baby won’t bat an eye if a toy truck drives off a platform and seems to hover in the air. But perform the same experiment a mere two to three months later, and she will instantly recognize that something is wrong.
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Tunisia Just Hosted One of The World's Largest AI Hackathons
When a hackathon requires a stadium, you know it is serious. Tunisia invited 1000 innovators to solve problems with AI in its inaugural AI Hack 2019

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DL To revolutionize Data Compresion
We introduce Bit-Swap, a scalable and effective lossless data compression technique based on deep learning.

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What Does it Take to Beat USA's Top50 AI Startups?
Beyond all the hype about AI, read about the companies actually using AI to generate value today.

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