The global perception is that Africa has no AI, and has no business building solutions with the technology given its infrastructure challenges.

We set up to tell the true picture of AI innovators and problem solvers on the continent today, channeling grassroots efforts to develop solutions uniquely built for affordability, accessibility and effectiveness.

Follow our progress to see how learning programs, startups and governments are applying AI in Africa and beyond.

Panels and Keynotes

We speak at global events to share relevant snapshots on how the ecosystem is evolving and using AI

National AI Workshop

AI in African Sports

Africa Socialpreneurs
Harvard Biz School

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Africa Ecosystem Reports

Opinion piece telling the story of the industrial revolutions from the African lens, and offering parallel paths forward as we enter the era of AI

This report was released by January 1st of 2020 to outline the activities of top AI organizations in Africa in 2019, and share about their plans to grow the ecosystem in 2020

“In our pursuit of knowledge creation, it is also critical that Africans are the contributors, shapers and owners of the coming advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning”

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