Alliance4ai Highlights From 2019

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Hello esteemed reader,

Thank you for being part of our Alliance4ai community in 2019. This year, we hit many key milestones and drove Africa AI to greater levels. Through our work with partners, thousands were trained, hundreds got local, remote and foreign jobs in AI and the world including African governments is becoming better informed on the AI investment opportunities in Africa.

Explore highlights below and identify how you'd like to engage our community next year.

Web Platform

a4ai page
Our website went live to, for the very first time, provide you with one place to learn about all that is happening in AI on the African continent. Get plugged in, and continue to get updates

Map of Africa AI Organizations

Earlier this summer, we collaborated with BriterBridges to publish a map visualizing the content on our platform, showing you the many AI organizations in Africa we had interacted with at the time. Enjoy reading, and definitely add more organizations to our community by visiting the companies or schools pages and clicking "add" 🙂

Advisory on Africa AI Strategy

This year, we got to work with several African government organizations to discuss and initiate their strategy planning on how to exist and excel in the Age of AI. Two of our directors were appointed on the South African presidential fourth industrial revolution committee, while we were able to convene other African experts from home and the diaspora to contribute to the Africa Unions Digital Transformation plan currently in development.

Africa Representation at Events Around the World

Click on the images to watch the messages we shared with audiences throughout the year, demystifying artificial intelligence and informing them on activities going on around Africa to use AI to accelerate development

Alliance4ai Chapters

To take the everyday African from having little knowledge of artificial intelligence to first becoming AI engineers or researchers, but more importantly becoming leaders of change and innovation that matters, we developed a packet for school students and coding programs to future-proof their offerings. Join ALU Kigali, CMU Kigali, ASA Ghana and Sup'com Tunisia to pilot this program today!

Know Your Africa AI Leaders

Join us on your social media of choice - Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to stay up to date on activities of Africans with artificial intelligence, and every Monday and Wednesday read about another man or woman driving the efforts at the grassroots in their countries.
Big thanks to all who've spent time being on the Alliance4ai core team this year
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