John Olafenwa

Chatgpt to enable more African 10x developers?

ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way software is written. Learn how from John, a key scientist at Microsoft, who tells us how this new wave of AI tools can help you to augment your skills, optimize code for speed, cost and performance, and save millions of dollars on your next scale project.

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ChatGPT for work

How African youth are using ChatGPT at work

Alliance for Africa’s Intelligence hosted a webinar with 4 speakers from the BBC, Microsoft, World Food Program and TRI and its findings were phenomenal. The professionals gave lightning talks on how they use ChatGPT at work to an audience that’s now inspired to deep their feet deeper, explore how ChatGPT can be the answer to getting them their next promotion.

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Ali Interview

With our Alliance4ai founder series, we interview inspiring African founders using AI and disruptive technologies to expand their societies’ realm of possibilities. We are quickly

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