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Africa AI 2023 Roundup

From 0 to 40.5: Witness Africa’s AI Evolution in Just 4 Years! ** We started with a map and a dream. Now, Africa’s AI landscape is buzzing with startups, talent, and impact. Get inspired by the incredible journey and join the movement!

Utu Interview

There has been a considerable amount of movement in the startup ecosystem in the African continent the past few years. More solutions are coming up with more creativity and disruptive edge. Just like the first world countries, African youths are also tapping into Artificial Intelligence to make their products more efficient in terms of time, …

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Top AI challenges in Africa: Compute

After 60 minutes of deliberation from leaders of top AI communities in Africa, we learnt that the single major challenge blocking Africa’s trained data scientists from using available data to build world class solutions is the difficulty and expense in accessing fast computers, built to make AI a reality in other continents.

We must not wait, the future is now

Alex Tsado’s keynote during the ITU’s AI for good global summit.

The full session was the first of its kind, featuring an Africa-only panel at the largest AI stage talking about African solutions to crucial global problems, calling the world’s attention to how collaboration can help drive sustainability and reduce the growing quality of life gap expanding with technology disruption.

COVID-19 Ebook

Creative minds across Africa have displayed great ingenuity to develop tailored affordable and accessible solutions to support responses from their countries. We publish this eBook call out top solutions that fit into our 4-key framework.

Our interview with young African ladies shooting for the stars with AI

We caught up with our first Alliance4ai chapter in Ghana this past week and received very exciting news. Megan, Sharon and Leticia, the leaders of the chapter in their A-level program had just received scholarships to study at prestigious universities in Africa and America. We felt especially proud that some of the 12 members of the chapter chose to have a focus in artificial intelligence while they are in university.

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