We mine diamonds. AI & Blockchain tech geniuses from Black and indigenous communities

Our lifelong community members are multiplying their career potentials: creating African startups, getting jobs in the UK, receiving scholarships to PhDs in the USA and changing their communities

Early members

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Curriculum and experience designed to empower leaders

Civic and Human studies

The Azikiwes and Mandelas were the led the emancipation of Africans in the 1960s. The next leaders will come from technology, experts in AI and the fourth industrial revolution. We ensure they are equipped with knowledge of their heritage, values that drive sustainability and a belief that they can lead transformation that matters

v Who we are and who we want to be
v Purposely use of technology
v How to improve the world

Workplace studies

The largest gap amongst talent that comes from Africa and predominantly Black and Brown communities is that they have lacked access to picking of soft/ power skills that set people up for excellence in the professional world. We help trigger your journey to being a standout professional going forward

v Improve how you learn
v Team-work
v Public speaking
v Building online portfolios and profiles

Technology studies

Black and brown people are greatly underrepresented in emerging technologies today, already leading to bias and unfairness in real products and opportunities. By equipping members of our clubs with this knowledge, they will be ready to get into non-technical and technical roles in AI to foster inclusion for responsible and sustainable use of AI

v Disruptive technologies of today
v AI application across industries
v Top AI Innovations by Black and Brown founders 
v Career options in AI
v Intro to AI (technical)

evolving curriculum

Beyond developing curriculum yourself, leverage curated material sourced from experts across the world and from best practices across Africa

lEADERship training

Beyond learning only about AI & technology, we first show you proof of incredible African inventions today and before slavery, and walk you through material that make you a strong leader of change that matters

project and job opportunities

Alliance4ai constantly works with partners and our large list of startups to make members aware of job and project opportunities

strength in africa

Grow from being just your one group to over 50 learning groups across Africa, sharing knowledge and opportunities. The sky is the limit

Partner Schools

Africa leadership university, rwanda

Preparing for March 21 UmojaHack competition, setup by Zindi to involve 70 African universities 

Africa Science Academy for girls, ghana

Pictures taken during multiple weekly class sessions discussing relevant technical and societal AI topics

supcom tunisia

Pictures taken during kick-off session of the Supcom chapter weekly meetings

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Unearthing overlooked Gems

We have built a self and group-learn kit so you can start AI clubs or extra-lesson programs wherever you are! Imagine 100s of these clubs get connected together 🙂

Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs are greatly underrepresented in emerging technologies today, already leading to bias and unfairness in real products and opportunities.

The clubs our patrons have started in the USA, Kenya, Tunisia and other countries are already yielding #futuremakers to lead us to a more loving and equitable world.

Start your journey today!

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