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Leverage Africans and Africa supporters who are at the top of their field in organizations across the world

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Gain access to Alliance4ai platform which supports all AI schools, startups and governments in Africa

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Ask any questions you have on challenges to adopting AI, and receive responses tailored to the African context

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Learn about opportunities you have been leaving on the table, from free grants to marketing, technical support and business introductions

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This makes it more affordable for African companies to get the information they need to grow, create jobs and excel

Alliance4ai clinic @

Fbstart Lagos

15 startups for FBstart program setup by Facebook and CCHUB joined Alliance4ai to discuss their challenges with AI, charting paths forward for further wealth-creation and growth

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Startup clinic FAQs

What kind of topics get covered?

Technical and business topics related to AI. We send you a survey before, where you rank challenges you will like to discuss, then we reach out to our network and invite experts from around the world for a question and answer session with you.

Who is this clinic for?

This clinic is for people who are either running an AI startup or want to adopt AI in their existing startup, or you are an individual who wants to get involved in AI. They can be alone, but mostly are part of an incubator or accelerator program.

Where are the mentors from?

The Mentors are from a wide range of experience running from Product Manager, Data scientists, Research Engineers, IoT Engineers, AI experts and more. They also work in top companies and startups like NVIDIA, Instadeep, Benevolent AI

How do I get started?

You first should subscribe to our newsletter to get resources A4AI and AI-related stories in Africa. Then complete the request form.

Where does this session happen?

We run these sessions partnering with incubators/accelerators/hubs in the country you are in. Most mentors will be on a Zoom call, and sometimes we can get a few mentors to come in person, if they live in your city

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