African innovators step forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about abrupt change to people’s lives all over the world. Africa has not managed to escape the pandemic, and has so far seen roughly 196 thousand get affected, 86 thousand recover from treatment and
unfortunately, 5364 lose their lives. The rest are receiving care across the continent.

As experienced during the Ebola epidemic, we have seen most global experts speculate that Africa would suffer the most from the COVID-19 pandemic. Their speculations mostly tie to the poor healthcare system, nascent use of medical technology and less than ideal response of African governments to crisis. In addition, the potential economic impact that could result from disrupted global supply chains and inability of the majority of the African working class to earn their daily wage can be devastating.

We, like all humans in the world right now, need innovation.

Creative minds across Africa have displayed great ingenuity to develop tailored affordable and accessible solutions to support responses from their countries. We publish this eBook call out top solutions that fit into our 4-key framework.

We hope this view helps innovators identify parts of the comprehensive response that are lacking, and inspire your own response. Reach out directly to any of the innovators if so inclined, are let us know if you’ll like any guidance.

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