Wealth creation for underrepresented people

With a key focus on young girls and boys, schools, startups and eventually governments, we organize scalable programs that help Black and underrepresented people in the USA, Africa, Brazil get into lucrative and future-proof professions. Read about our recent success here

It is critical to do this today because left unchecked, the Black man’s exclusion from the development of deep technology especially, like AI, is leading to growing socioeconomic gap, increasing poverty and unprecedented bias against our people.

Together, we are transcending challenges like

  • Not knowing the right future-proof courses to study
  • Not having teachers
  • Not having similar growth-minded friends
  • No connection to hiring opportunities

With strategically crafted programs like learning curriculums for school kids to teach themselves and startup & government clinics for experts around the globe to provide guidance, we are driving viral collaboration across underrepresented people everywhere to turn their fate around.

Join our cause, as we collectively continue to improve our planet.  

Africa AI goes to Geneva

The UN’s AI4Good summit has become the largest destination for showcasing solutions built with AI to solve the world’s toughest challenges. Before this year, African innovators haven’t received an opportunity to share their work with the world.

We have worked with AI Media South Africa to organize an Africa Pavilion for 2020 to bring the most impressive scientists and innovators to the global stage.

Support us as we make history, and start to turn Africa’s fate around! 

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