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    “A Slight Interruption” was a rollercoaster of emotions, but ultimately a story about hope. This Novel is written by [url=https://rhondasims.me/about-author/]Rhonda Spearman Sims[/url]. Witnessing Graci’s unwavering belief in finding Gabriel after decades of separation was a beautiful reminder that even in the face of loss, hope can persevere. I recently experienced a heartbreak myself, and this book came along at the perfect time. Now, I’m not saying Graci’s situation is exactly like mine, but seeing her hold onto hope even after all those years is inspiring. Maybe there’s still hope for my own path to love, even if it takes time. Has anyone else found a story that helped them navigate loss and find hope again? Let’s share our experiences and support each other on this journey!

    Rhonda Spearman Sims

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