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    Artificial Intelligence has gained popularity in the African community and much effort is being made to train more Africans with skills in the field of AI.
    But, what does the job market look like for Africa? What are some challenges faced by your community and what are they ways you believe this can be solved?

    Top 3 challenges that stood out after a discussion with some African AI community leaders.

    1. Lack of required Logistics (Workspaces, Data, Electricity)
    2. High requirements in Job applications
    3. Lack of awareness on the need of AI engineers in most companies

    Other challenges identified includes:

    • Lack of adequate AI training programs in Africa’s educational curriculum
    • Inability to afford costs associated with training programs
    • No or minimal free AI/ML programs available.
    • Favoritism and Nepotism at work places

    Share your thoughts if any of these resonate with your community and let us know possible ways of solving these challenges in Africa.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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