October 17, 2020. 4pm GMT

Gathering of Africa AI leaders



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Valiant leaders drive Ai communities across the African continent, constituting the continent’s greatest hope for preparing its people for the future of work.

They however all face challenges to growing efficiently, like figuring out how to decide on curriculum, finding access to data and compute and guiding their learners on places to find jobs.

Individually however, they each have answers to problems keeping other leaders awake at night.

Thus, we other organize this gathering for you, Africa’s hope, the Ai leaders, to come connect, solve problems together and speak about the great works in your country, so your colleagues at the other end of the continent benefit from your work

Past Expert Speakers

Personal Branding by Rose Gesicho, Kenya

Virtual opportunities by Janet Akorfa, Ghana

Assets from past events


Top AI challenges in Africa: Ethics

The challenge of AI ethics is one of choice – what lives should AI improve, what actions should AI be allowed to take and what conditions need to be met before these actions are allowed in your society.


Top AI challenges in Africa: Compute

After 60 minutes of deliberation from leaders of top AI communities in Africa, we learnt that the single major challenge blocking Africa’s trained data scientists from using available data to build world class solutions is the difficulty and expense in accessing fast computers, built to make AI a reality in other continents.


Top data challenges that keep AI professionals in Africa up at night

I helped coordinate the inaugural gathering of AI community leaders in Africa and must say I am filled with hope that we will create an environment where people who would never have met before, commune like family, talk about challenges, exchange procedures and celebrate together.


Top job problems facing AI professionals in Africa

June 6th 2020 was a historic day for me, as I helped bring a vision to life with my partners Essa Mohamedali and Alex Tsado. We had been working for two months to design a program that would empower AI community leaders across Africa to connect frequently and grow more efficiently.


Association of Africa’s AI Communities

Saturday 2nd May 2020, a day that may go down in history as the beginning of Africa wide collaboration of …

Communities that have attended

Ghana – AI association Ghana, Azubi Africa, Blossom Academy, Dansyn AI Hub, MaziTek GH, PyData Ghana, Python Cape Coas, University of Professional Studies YAAW Uni. of Ghana Chapter, Yielding Accomplished Africa Women, Zlitch Technologies

Nigeria – AI and ML Project supervision, AI6 ABUJA, AI+Club Lautech, PyData Abuja

Kenya and Tanzania – AI Kenya, Yielding Accomplished African Women, Tanzania AI lab, NM-AIST AI Community

South Africa, Morocco, Rwanda – AI for social Impact, ALU AI-LAB, MoroccoAI

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