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How African youth are using ChatGPT at work

The new world of AI tools since ChatGPT was announced in early 2023 have taken the world by storm, providing a pleasurable pastime for many, a planner for the personal life of some but so far, only for a tiny few, the catalyst to initiate the next phase of career growth.

Alliance for Africa’s Intelligence hosted a webinar with 4 speakers from the BBC, Microsoft, World Food Program and TRI and its findings were phenomenal. The professionals gave lightning talks on how they use ChatGPT at work to an audience that’s now inspired to deep their feet deeper, explore how ChatGPT can be the answer to getting them their next promotion.

We will post articles to dive deeper into examples shared by the speakers. But first, here’s a quick summary to get you started:


AI for Journalists: Ashley Ogonda from the BBC shared that ChatGPT has transformed how quickly she can learn about new communities and how to tailor her messaging to suit their needs. She also uses the tool to refine the tone of her articles, generate content ideas and be a planner for her personal life goal of weight-lifting! She however shared words of caution to sparingly use ChatGPT for sourcing articles or automatically responding to audience questions. As they say, the journalist is only as good as their sources, so a journalist can’t risk the trust of their audience by blindly passing on sources from ChatGPT which are often incorrect.

AI for Developers: John Olafenwa from Microsoft was exhilarated on how much time ChatGPT was saving him with identifying bugs. Both beginner and expert developers are familiar with bug search taking minutes to many hours, and would equally be excited that with just one click, they could get an answer from the ChatGPT. His other favorite use cases include using it to rapidly learn about new coding concepts, guide him through complex implementations and assist in code optimization.

AI for Grant Specialists: Essa Mohamedali from World Food Program was able to guide the audience on using ChatGPT to mainly to speed up their application processes for grants. The tools helps with providing the first drafts, improving message flow for second language applicants and finetuning tone of voice. When we deepdive into his session, you’d learn how amazingly, he as a non-technical professional, was able to work with ChatGPT to compete in a Zindi AI hackathon challenge to be placed 60 out of hundreds of applicants.

AI for Marketers: Chris Tibenda from TRI shared how his team used AI in the initial phases of research and development, learning much more about their target customer segments and then assist with their day to day work of creating new content and providing customer support through bots that are available 24/7.

In the next few days, we will post on each use case so stay tuned. Get connected with Alliance4ai on your favorite social media platform and respond with your own exciting ways of using ChatGPT!  

About Alliance4ai’s career growth mission

To inspire Africa’s Youth to be constantly aware of Technology trends and to apply them at work in ways that are responsible and improve society, we brought together volunteers to create the Alliance4ai WebApp where people signup to Circles in their countries or universities and have engaged discussions about key topics bi-weekly. Invite people in your network to join, and let’s build the Africa we want!

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