Angel Adelaja

Angel Adelaja is a development consultant and serial Entrepreneur. 

She is also Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Direct Produce, Agro-Allied Services & Co-Founder of

Oluwayimika Angel Adelaja is providing innovative solutions to the acute food shortage. Two of her businesses, We Farm Africa and Fresh Direct Produce, are bringing communities together with the help of agricultural technologies. Adelaja has pioneered stackable container farms that reduce the stress on land use and the need to import vegetables, in addition to helping urban populations gain access to high quality food. Adelaja’s organic urban farms use less water and land than traditional farming methods and produce 15 times higher product yield.

Vertical farming and hydroponics, her innovative solutions to food shortage, aid in strengthening the agricultural value chain and create opportunities for Africans. Her projects are especially aimed at young people, with her personal mission to make agriculture fun for them taking centre stage. Adelaja is looking to onboard 10,000 youth in areas that cut across agriculture and urban farming, distribution, sales/marketing, ag-tech and automation, expand the business across Africa and position it to be a solution for high quality premium produce.

In her spare time, Adelaja focuses on developmental economics and empowering women. 

She attended Temple University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree. She has a PhD in Epidemiology from Michigan State University.

She has also served in numerous high-profile positions such as Special Assistant to the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Poverty Alleviation and National Coordinator and Consultant to the Senior Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria on Wealth Creation.


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