Getnet Assefa

Getnet assefa is a computer scientist, a futurist, and a rational progressive. He is the founder and chief executive of iCog, the first artificial intelligence lab in Ethiopia.
Founded in 2013, ICog is famous for creating the prototype of the world’s first (and, most famous) robot citizen, Sophia – which was partly developed in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa
ICog lab created an engine responsible for her emotional activities and expressions. For example when Sophia observes a crowd, she would perceive a gathering, a meeting, an event or expo. Such types of decisions are made by her cognitive brain which ICog engineered.
Assefa has also through the Icog laboratory created a vibrant environment for Tech enthusiasts in Ethiopia with little or no backing from the government. iCog Lab already has agreements with 36 universities and is in talks with 21 other tertiary educational institutions  to tap into the brains of skilled students. They intend to enroll 30 students aged 6-13 years old for a 1 year training with the aim of solving real world problems.
He was recently listed by Quartz under Quartz African Innovators 2019.


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