Jade Abbot

Abbot is a renowned software developer who isn’t only co-directing a growing tech firm but has been doing so for years. The icing on the cake? She’s just clocked 30 years earlier this month.
She Develops software and analyses data.she has developed backend systems, in a variety of languages, for a variety of sectors in the past couple of years but she now focuses on machine learning.
Abbott’s passion for tech & ‘figuring out how things work’ started at a young age. The fact that her mom was a software developer and her father a musician and sci-fi zealot meant Jade was raised in a tech-friendly environment valuable to applied creativity. This aided her decision to want to be a software developer at age 12.
Soon after, she bagged her B.Sc & M.Sc in computer science at the University of Pretoria(with her focus in her masters degree being “Swarm Robotics”). She is the senior software developer and machine learning engineer at Retro Rabbit. Established in 2003, Retro Rabbit is a South African software development consultancy and IT solution-driven company with 160 employees working across offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Stellenbosch/Cape Town.
It’s a company that prides itself on using the latest technology to bring powerful solutions to your business concerns. She is currently busy building Natural Language Processing capabilities with Deep Learning.
If there appears to be any stereotypes which applies to women’s role in Technology innovation, Abbot begs to differ.
She believes that software development doesn’t need physical strength, so it isn’t gender specific. ”
“It is a problem- solving thing.”


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