Judith Owigar

Judith owigar is a Kenyan Techpreneur, Blogger & Revolutionist. She is Passionate about the push for the Involvements of youths(particularly women) in all things technology.
She believes believes that technology and education are two among the other important elements that can improve the quality of life. And indeed, can make life better.
In her Passion for Tech, she co-founded “Akirachix”; revolutionary Organisation that seeks to increase women’s involvement in the creation of tech innovation & solutions.
Since it’s inception in 2010, Over 10,000 people have benefitted from the organisation.
Owigar is also the Founder of “Jua Kali” popularly known as “Jua kali workforce” an online micro-jobs platform that links skilled manual laborers in Kenya’s informal sector to Employers in the construction industry.
She attended the University of Nairobi where she graduated with a degree and a master’s degree both in Computer Science.
Owigar has received a lot of recognition for her work including the
Anita Borg Change Agent award in 2012, the top 40 women under 40 award for women who have made a Tremedous impact on Kenya in all ramifications.
She currently serves in Africa WeTech Leadership Council and the St. George’s Primary School Alumni Association.


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