Odunayo Eweniyi

Odunayo Eweniyi is a serial Tech entrepreneur & one of Africa’s foremost fintech Ambassadors.
She is the the Co-founder & COO of Piggybank.ng, an online savings platform that securely makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings to reach your savings target.
The idea of the Fintech platform was born out of the desire to help people save their salaries after they had gotten jobs from “Push CV”,a startup that she previously co-founded with 5 others. It provides unlimited access to pre-screened and fully tested candidates for top organisations.
Since piggybank’s launch in 2016, uptake has been impressive. In April 2019, the startup had over 250,000 users. And in January 2019, users saved a whopping 1 billion for just that month alone.
Most importantly, piggyback has evolved from just a savings platform to a full financial platform providing both savings and investment options for users.
With such massive impact, Odunayo and her team have seemingly cracked personal savings culture in Nigeria.
Her role in the success story of this fintech startup has earned her a lot of recognition. She was named 2019 SME Entrepreneur of the Year in Wealth and Society in West Africa
& also part of the Forbes Africa‘s “20 New Wealth Creators” on the African continent list.


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