Empowering minority leaders in AI

You have many gifts and talents to share.

We are all underrepresented in one way or another, but can ease our pains by sharing. Let’s work together to prepare for work and life today and in tomorrow’s work

Give a one-time or recurring donations of $20 or higher to support our shared cause

Write and Edit Blogs

Our blogs channel hosts relevant articles contributed by the community, writing or editing topics we curate over time

Host learning webinars

Armed with our library of capabilities and resources relevant to the future of work, you can invite people from schools, churches, mosques, anywhere to learn together on Zoom

Mentor startups

Minority startups in AI have a harder time accessing common accelerators that provide free resources to new companies. With one hour of your time, join Q&A sessions to guide them on their AI journeys

Speak to inspire

Through our connection to over 80 learning communities across the world, we get informed about events where young learners gain inspiration. Share your schedule openings, and we’ll find you a match

Your Advice

It’s a long road. We’ll only go far with your assistance. You can assist us in improving our platform through PR, social media, coding, or contributing to our  newsletter

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